Here are some photos from our last meeting, December 4th. We were preparing the contents of the exchange box, a slow process, and I took some photos of the people who had brought things.

Here are Ferran and Norbert with the postcards and stickers we got from the local council. Plus you have Iris and Mireia with the mandarins that Iris picked from her parents' trees behind her house.

More mandarins but with Gemma too. On the right all the people that were in the meeting are wearing the scarves of the "penyes" from the local festivals.

Jessica with the bags of rice her Mother prepared. Iris and Gemma with the bottles of olive oil.

Then Iris stole my camera and started taking photos of the rest of the group.

For the second half of the meeting we started filiming the words we will include on the word bank. Being in front of the camera is never easy and as you can see here there were a lot of mistakes made before they managed to do it well.

Word bank section one, take one.

Word bank section one, take two.

(We are sorry but this video has been censored)

With the next section things didn't improve.
Word bank section two, take one.

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  1. Very good idea, we are looking forward to learning both the languages. Well, we will try... But, Huw, what did you do after the camera dropped? Did you hit your students? It sounded like it.